A physician respects the low-yield. See how that changed her life.



I took ten years off to play in rock bands before I applied to medical school. So when, at 31, I found myself drowning as I drank from the fire hose of medical school information, I knew I had to make a change.

I discovered the concept of high-yield and it seemed like the answer to my prayers. It is a simple idea: Some facts are heavily tested on national board exams and generally more applicable to practice as a physician. If you focus on the high-yield and eliminate the low-yield, you will have more time and less stress. Innumerable books claim to have the key to separating high-yield from low-yield. But I found those books didn’t go far enough.

Soon I was discovering ways to implement the concept of high-yield in my everyday life. All junk email was low-yield; I embarked on an aggressive “unsubscribe” campaign. Unwanted phone calls were low-yield; I signed up for the National Do Not Call Registry.

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